How To Use Leupold Muzzleloader Scope?

First, let’s talk about what a proper and good scope is. If a scope cannot hold the zero, it is useless. If the reticle drifts or floats shot to shot it is futile too.

There is a reason why people buy Leupold scopes in the first place: they can handle the recoil. Leupold scopes can hold zero for years! Leupold scopes are nice to look through. There are scopes where the hunter’s eye position is hypercritical any little movement may result in the instant blackout of the image. Such scopes are frustrating to use. 

The Ultimate Slam has hold points for 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 yards. 

  • If it is bore-sighted, move your scope to the three pellet setting. Place target @ 50yds by using the range finder. Fire 3 shots, and adjust the scope. Clean ml. Repeat until you ml is zeroed@ 50 yds. 
  •  With the sabr reticle, the top of the circle is for 50 yds, and the centre crosshair is for 100yds.
  •  Move target to 100yds. Fire 3 shots, clean ml. Repeat if necessary.
  •  Move out to 150, fire 3, clean ml. 
  •  Move out to each range (50 100 150 )Confirming zero at each range. 
  •  When completed, confirm zero at the range you typically kill the deer at, clean ml.

 Between, this can be an all-day event. Have fun!

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